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Privacy Notice

We hope you enjoy your visit to NicoleReid.com!  In order to better serve your shopping needs and improve your shopping experience, we collect certain important information about our customers during the sale and browsing process.  When you visit our Website our server automatically recognizes your Internet Protocol address (IP address). This information is used for fraud protection against our company and for internal review and analysis only. 

In addition, like most other e-commerce Websites, our site uses "cookies," or our unique electronic fingerprint placed temporarily in your Internet browser, to keep track of your stay at our Website.  The cookie allows our server to remember you and the items you have placed in your shopping cart and therefore enables us to customize our site to your needs.  This helps us to enhance your overall shopping experience and to make it easier for you if you should return back to us at a later time.  The cookie is harmless and does not gather information from your computer or profile your system.  It also does NOT capture your email address or transmit any viruses.  It simply allows us to distinguish each individual among the many shoppers that browse our site and expires a specific period of time after your visit.

All credit card information you provide stays with NicoleReid.com in encrypted files and remains strictly private.  We use the latest security methods and fraud detection techniques to protect any and all information you provide us.  If you supply us with your email address, your postal address or telephone number online you may receive periodic mailings, emails or telephone calls from us with information that may be of interest to you regarding new products, services or upcoming specials.  We will not offer your information to any 3rd party for any reason and if you ever ask us not to contact you, we will immediately honor your request.  Your privacy is just that... YOURS.
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